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Movie Review: If you are one of those people who like to know about best upcoming movies , in this post, we will review two interesting movies.

Soul Movie Review

Is the “soul” romantic about music? Yes its an other movie like Morbius. Is “Spirit” an unusual comedy film? Yes. Is “Spirit” the story of a teacher and a student learning from each other? Yes. Is the “soul” really a quest in which existentialism is reduced to a human form for better understanding? Yes again. In short, the “spirit” has employed the elements that have made Pixar’s work so popular in recent years. The soul is one of the best movies in 2021.

“Soul” animation review

Unlike many other Disney and Pixar titles that have been commercially successful and whose names have been credited to production companies, the “spirit” does not matter to the creators how much the animation can sell dolls or make a sequel to. The “soul” is made to enlighten minds and conquer hearts. Certainly, the removal of the public release and the release of “Spirit” on Disney Plus has made there less concern about box office sales for its makers.

The title of the film has a double meaning. The main character in the story of “Joe” is a blues musician who is in obscurity. One day after meeting the famous female musician Dorothy Williams, she takes a chance at her house and she decides to teach music to the unmotivated kids at school and join Dorothy Williams. He is happy to return home carefree and falls into a deep pit. Joe opens his eyes and finds himself on a path to the “afterlife” and there is no nightclub in the afterlife.

At the same time, Joe tries to show his intelligence and find a way back to Earth. He realizes that it is not impossible to return to Earth, but it requires a lot of effort. He needs a companion. “22” is a young soul that has not yet been born in the form of a physical body. Unlike other young spirits, 22 insists on remaining in the “former world.” Joe makes a deal with him. In exchange for “22” giving his land ticket to “Joe”, “Joe” also promises to make “22” remain in the former world.

Story Of This Beautiful Movie

They decide to try to achieve this goal, but things do not go their way. A last-minute mistake causes “22” to enter Joe’s body and “Joe” to enter a cat’s body. Meanwhile, in the afterlife, a psychic named “Terry” finds that his counts match and a ghost is lost. Good animation works are always works that are multi-layered. It often takes the form of engaging young audiences in the first place, and then adds some adult jokes and references.

Unlike many of Pixar’s better works, “Spirit” goes even further and provides a path to a better understanding of complex and metaphysical ideas for children and adolescents. Without the philosopher playing a game or propagating a particular religious belief, the “soul” depicts a new and different view of the concept of life and death in the afterlife. The “soul” does this by maintaining a light narrative tone. As much as the “back and forth” gives life to emotions and characters, the “soul” does it for a human being.

Animation Review

The most common animations also have anti-hero characters such as “Ursula”, “Gaston” and “Oscar”. Many of Pixar’s most innovative works have also used this feature to add dynamism to the story. “Spirit” is the basis of a comedy film to which pursuit has been added, but there are no bad guys in it. Even “Terry”, who has a vicious trait in his character, takes very little time from the film and has almost no effect on the progress of the story. The “soul” is more than anything about the connection that exists between “atmosphere” and “22” and is what the two learn from each other in the process.

Just as Coco heavily influenced by Mexican music, “Spirit” requires a great deal of R&B music. The blue theme in the film sequences makes the effect of “soul” unimaginable. The acclaimed voice acting of talented artists such as Jimmy Foxx, Felicia Rashad, and Angela Bast, along with experienced voice actors such as Tina Phi and Graham Norton, is one of the strengths of the “soul”.

Movie Review Of Soul

The film’s two locations, contemporary New York City and the afterlife, give animators the opportunity to create a familiar space and create a pure and dreamy world at the same time. The similarities between the works of Pixar and Hayo Miyazaki Are controversial. The “soul” owes much of its essence to the legacy of this great Japanese master.

Movie Review: 2020 was an unusual year for Pixar. Instead of producing new sequels to previous franchises by Pixar, we saw the release of two non-franchise products. The “spirit” warns us that we must strike a balance between the need to revisit memories and new events. Aside from the need to rely on the past to build the future, it is always amazing to allow a veteran like Peter the Doctor to illustrate his stories and allow us to experience them.